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Market your business for free?

Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? As a business owner you are always looking for ways to market and advertise your business in ways that are unique, have a high return on investment, and effective. In Clarksville, TN we have an option that meets all of those criteria – called Clarksville Daily Deals.


How your business benefits:

  • You will bring customers IN YOUR DOOR, which allows you to turn them into repeat customers, upsell, and build relationships with new clients.
  • Your business and brand message will be heavily advertised during your deal. This includes 5 radio stations (Beaver 100.3, Q108, Z97.5, Eagle 94.3, Sports Radio 540 The Fan),, Facebook, email blasts, text blasts, and more. If you were to pay for the advertising campaign outright, it would cost over $6,000.
  • All of the mentions of your name and new customers will create an increase in Word of Mouth, and BUZZ around your about your business during your deal time.

How does it work?

Here’s the nuts and bolts: your business offers a GREAT deal (50% off or more) that customers can’t find anywhere else. The deal is available to purchase online on the Clarksville Daily Deals website for a short period of time, and all of our media outlets are saturated with your business message during your deal. The revenue from the deal is split between your business and 5 Star Radio. Customers then patronize your business.

Apply to be featured

We don’t feature every business that approaches us. To be selected, your business needs to fall inside these two general guidelines:

  1. Your target market and main customer base are women aged 25-45.
  2. Your product is not one that people plan for an extended period to buy (jewelry, vehicles, etc)

Additionally, the following types of businesses are the most successful:

Restaurants, Family Activities (parks, shows, tours, sporting events), Salons, Spas, Bakeries, Instructional classes (cooking, dancing, etc), and Jewelry/Clothing/Beauty Retailers.


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